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Born the 11th of March 1991 in Paris, John Silvestre is the son of Emmanuel Silvestre (director) and Patricia Cauvet (painter).

Introduced to music at the age of 6 by his father, a music lover keen on jazz, rock, avant-garde and electronic, then in practice at 13 years by discovering the drums, he began his own compositions on the electric guitar with an RC20 looper at the age of 15.


In 2008 John Silvestre started a first post-rock group, Magnolia, quintet between Television and Sonic Youth, with whom he would record two EPs and give around fifty concerts in France in theaters and festivals, while pursuing studies in Arts in Clermont-Ferrand in 2009, then in Brussels in 2012, passing through the MAI in 2010 in Nancy from where he graduated as a professional musician.

He began to work on his father's shoots in 2010, learning the job of sound operator and film music composition.

John Silvestre will compose no less than 11 soundtracks under the pseudonym Jeff Monheim for authors' films, series B and erotic-pornographic between 2010 and 2020.

In 2012 he moved to Belgium for 6 years. Magnolia stops and John Silvestre sets up a solo project under the name Typhon.
Originally based on midi and Ableton Live, Typhon quickly transforms to be based on the electric guitar looped in an analog pedal, creating music that is both rich and raw between rock and film music.


Between 2013 and 2015, he will compose and record 3 self-produced albums under the name Typhon: Resistance (2013), Savage Salvation (2014) and Thee! Old Feeling Machine (EP, 2015).

Pine Cone Songs (2017) will be the first EP co-produced and recorded in Paris with Paul Alkhallaf, former Magnolia bassist, longtime fellow musician and technician.


Between 2014 and 2016 John Silvestre undertook several professional training courses to learn the sound engineer profession and improve his practice, in particular with Pierre Jacquot (former sound engineer of Ray Charles, Sting ...), Christophe Guiraud (contemporary composer close to the Constellation label), Jean-Louis Hennequin (film scores composer).

He experiments, makes his first soundproof room and records during these years in Brussels others musicians who revolve in his life : Nadia Daou for the NÂR project, with whom he will share on numerous occasions stage and recording experiences, Alice Perez for whom he recorded the songs of her second EP, the first demo of Lapiaz with Marc Rillet and Valerian Meunier (Moaning Cities, Phoenician Drive), Oli Monaghan ...


In 2018 he moved to Switzerland in the vicinity of Vevey and joined NÂR for 2 years as a percussionist and guitarist on stage, sound engineer and

co-producer in the studio.


In January 2020, he recorded the first album of the Vevey pop-rock group Swear I Love You , with Mehdi Benkler, Joel Bovy, Pacifique Vuillemin (Forks, Mk-Ultra) and Simon Genoud. He later joined them as keyboardist and guitarist on stage, arranger and sound engineer in the studio.

He recorded between September and November 2020 his brother Lenny Silvestre's first album, singer and folk guitarist, as well as the last album of tropical math-rock band Service Fun.


Finally, he recorded his Typhon's last album Avant L'Aurore during first confinement of 2020, playing electric guitar, drums, synthesizers, capturing alone on track by track compositions lasting sometimes 20 minutes, going further in his technical mastery and exploration of his universe.

In addition to these activities, John Silvestre has been teaching guitar, drums and music theory in various schools in Switzerland, as well as Logic Pro X training since 2019.

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