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Pine Cone Songs (EP, 2017)
Recorded and mixed by Paul Alkhallaf
Mastered by Frederic Alstadt (Angstrom Mastering)

With the participation of :

Sébastien Politi: Drums

Katarina Stilo: Cello on "Eko" and "Be Leavin '"

Clement Peigné: Cello on " Eko" and "Be Leavin '"
François Gavelle: Double bass on "Eko" and "Be Leavin '"

Gaspard Panfiloff: Double bass on "Eko", "Be Leavin '" and "Awake"

Paul Alkhallaf: Bass on "Be Leavin '"; Derbouka on "Mia Inon Raroi"
Guillaume Vittel: Derbouka on "Mia Inon Raroi"

Tom Georgel: Piano on "Mia Inon Raroi"
Julien Podolak: Violin on "Mia Inon Raroi"

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