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1. ŌHRO is an association (label) founded by John Silvestre, Simon Genoud, Cleopatre Malpeli, Gabriel Goumaz and Luca Manco in Vevey in january 2021. It brings together artists, musicians and technicians from the local scene.

2. The first mission of ŌHRO is to produce and distribute artists by means of production autonomy and collaborations with actors in the cultural sector for the establishment of residencies and phonographic recordings.

3. This mission is inscribed both in the personal time of our lives and in the Historical time of the World: both by envy, for the love of music and Art, by friendship and trust among its members, and by the material necessity of self-production.

4. The members of ŌHRO consider music and art in general to be ESSENTIAL among the disciplines produced by mankind, as they are the primary vectors of SENSE and BEAUTY in our lives.

5. The aesthetic and ethical line of the label is defined by its founders. We are committed to promote quality music, whether traditional or experimental, lyrical or instrumental, as long as it reaches us with its beauty or authenticity.

6. The members of the label have no other ambitions than to share, create and develop together a technical know-how and an artistic independence, to produce together Art and music, for pleasure and love.

Who are we ?

ŌHRO is a non-profit cultural association, founded in January 2021 in Vevey (Switzerland).

Bringing together artists, technicians and actors from the local artistic scene, the associative label's mission is to record and produce independent groups in the region of Vevey and its surroundings.


The OHRO team


Association ŌHRO

Rue du Lac 14

1800 Vevey

mail :

phone : +33 6 25 96 85 82

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