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Alice PEREZ is a French pop-folk singer and guitarist. Demo recorded in Schaerbeek in 2017.

Among the artists and friends met at Kastle during this period, there is Alice PEREZ. When in 2016 the Kastle had to be emptied of its residents, most of us found ourselves living together in another building, a self-managed space, a former police station that became temporary accommodation. Old offices transformed into lofts. Long lino corridors. Neon lights on the (false) ceiling. Common sanitary facilities.

We started to rebuild together. A garden. A party hall. A music room. It is a beautiful memory that this period and this moment when I was able to capture an afternoon with Alice, releasing her Nick Drakien arpeggios and her Beth Gibbonsian voice.

Notes escape in these corridors that smell of frying and the sun finally breaks through the ungrateful and whimsical sky of Brussels.

Some traces of this time.

The House of the Doors Recordings

Recorded and mixed by John Silvestre in spring 2017.

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