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LAPIAZ is an improvisation project initiated in Brussels in 2016 by Marc Rilliet (painter) on the dulcimer and Valerian Meunier (guitarist and singer of Moaning Cities, Phoenician Drive) on the synthesizer. Demo recorded in Brussels in 2017.

Marc and Valérian, two friends, offer me to join LAPIAZ on drums in 2016. We will play together until the end of the project in 2018. The principle was simple : we would rehearse and improvise. The music is picturesque and fragile, but rich at times with a rather singular atmosphere and beautiful avant-garde references (Tony Conrad, La Monte Young, Can ...). I recorded a demo for the group with a few microphones in the parking lot of a former Schaerbeek police station. We play live and this is one of my first experiences recording a group.

Katchny (live)

Recorded and mixed by John Silvestre in spring 2017.

Find Lapiaz on Bandcamp:

Live at Labokube (Brussels, 2017)
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