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Oli MONAGHAN is an English folk singer and guitarist. Demo recorded in Brussels in 2016.

Oli Monaghan and I met at the "Kastle" in Schaerbeek, a house in Brussels where a group of friends lived between 2014 and 2017, many of them artists and musicians. This is the first person I recorded, with an sm58 and an m3, in the cellar of this house where we all used to share, rehearse, form groups, organize events, concerts, cabarets , evenings full of laughter and tears, bursting with friendships, passions and creativity. We were all in the urgency and the sweet madness, the intoxication of our 20 or 25 years, also caught in the existential troubles specific to our ages and the shock of reality which was transformed even faster than we burned with ecstasy .

Green Sun

Recorded and mixed by John Silvestre in 2016.

Find Oli Monaghan on Soundcloud:

Oli Monaghan
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