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NÂR is the ethno-drone / industrial / experimental project of Nadia DAOU, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Libano-Switzerland. Several titles recorded between 2017 and 2019.


Met in Brussels at Kastle in 2014, Nadia was for a long time a comrade and life companion. Mystical singer and self-taught musician (guitar, percussion, guembri, synthesizer) Nadia explores music at the crossroads between North African and Middle Eastern traditions and modern Western music.

NÂR and TYPHON have often shared the stage and the studio, the route of concerts and tours. I recorded some of her first demos, including Tayreen, before joining NÂR between October 2018 and December 2019 as a drummer and guitarist on stage. We continue working together in the studio, nurturing and influencing each other in our artistic practice.

The pieces recorded below are the fruits of nights spent exploring, playing, creating together the music and the world we dreamed of.


Recorded and mixed by John Silvestre in 2017.

Recorded and mixed by John Silvestre in the summer of 2017.

My Tensa

Recorded and mixed by John Silvestre in spring 2019.

Live @ Le Lac (Brussels)
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